Drilling Fluids

We provide technical expertise for designing and maintaining drilling fluid systems for vertical, directional, horizontal, mono-bore horizontal, potash drilling and multilateral wells. 

Our drilling fluid systems are designed to be adaptable to a broad range of complex and varied drilling scenarios.

We offer Fresh Water Polymer Based, Gel Chemical, KCL Based, NACL Based and Oil Based Drilling Fluids. Our highly trained technicians perform daily field analysis and maintenance on all our drilling fluid systems. We also offer custom blended brine water kill fluids, blended to exact customer requirements.

We are here for all your drilling fluid needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us for more information.

Completion, Work-Over Fluids and Stimulation Chemistries

Clay and Shale Stabilizers for sand cleanouts and work overs, Friction reducing lubricants, Gelled Polymer Fluids, H2S Scavengers/Scrubber Fluids, Demulsifiers, Corrosion Inhibitors, Packer Fluids, Biocides, Mutual Solvents, Flow Back Enhancers and Nano-Chemistry Wax & Asphaltene Solvent, custom blended brine water kill fluids that are blended to exact customer requirements.

We also design and service acid soluble lost circulation pills tailored to specific well scenarios. All of our lost circulation pills are mixed on-site to ensure optimum results.

We offer and service acid replacement blends tailored to specific well scenarios, our acid replacement blends can be used for scale dissolution, formation stimulation, bull head treatments, disposal wells, water injectors and are compatible with all our mutual solvents and flow back enhancers.

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About Us

Alchem Energy Services is based in Weyburn, Saskatchewan we also have an extra distribution point in Estevan; we offer over 50 years combined experience with technical service and supply for drilling fluids, completion fluids, work-over fluids, stimulation chemistries and other specialty chemicals.