Alchem is SECOR certified. Alchem's safety program is management driven. Awareness and participation in this program is expected of all employees and sub contractors. Communication, training, scheduled safety meetings and staff participation are paramount in the success of this program being utilized to provide the safest work environment possible. This process is rounded out with scheduled safety checks of worksites, personal safety equipment, vehicle inspections and office space.

Hazard Identification and incident reporting is in place with required documentation and investigations as required. Alchem complies with all regulatory requirements and programs. Product transportation through TDG, WHIMIS and MSDS information is vital to our operations.

Alchem is fully insured and has full coverage under the Workman's Compensation Board, We can supply you with documentation upon request.

If you have any questions regarding our Safety Program or require further information please feel free to contact our Safety Coordinator, Rob Stables at 306 848 0002.

Safety & Environmental Practices

Alchem is committed to our workers and customers safety along with minimizing our environmental impact.